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Wini Labrecque is a textile artist with interest in a wide variety of techniques.
She has a very strong passion for fiber. Since the late 1980's, utilizing natural fibers, Wini has been spinning, weaving, knitting and felting from raw form to finished оформить ипотеку product. Her handspun skeins and woven/knit goods are sold at area art festivals and in area specialty shops.


Wini teaches classes in beginning spinning, felting, and/or weaving to individuals or small groups. She has presented many special programs to area fiber guilds, Girl Scouts, 4H groups, alpaca farms and alpaca conferences. She is the weaver on the sheep to shawl team for her local guild, competing in competitions 2-3 times each year at the county and state level where she has won the weavers award on more than one occasion.

Once exposed to alpacas and their wonderful fiber, she has been utilizing and promoting the fiber to everyone who will listen.

Wini is an AOA Certified Alpaca Fleece Judge for the alpaca industry. She is also a Certified Camelid Fiber Grader/Sorter/Classer through Olds College in Canada.  Wini is trained in grading/sorting of cashmere fiber and judging of cashmere fiber.  She has helped developed a fiber evaluation protocol for the International Yak Association (IYAK) and is a fiber judge for fiber on the yak.


Wini has presented at many shows and events on topics relating to fleece and fiber. Her passion for alpaca fiber has led her to a project to develop a wash and wear alpaca fabric. She partnered with a few select area alpaca farms to develop an alpaca textile company - American Alpaca Textiles (americanalpacatextiles.com) focused on utilizing USA alpaca fiber in textiles for the home décor market.


Her animal experience includes 10 years as a Veterinary Assistant, raising Cashmere Goats for over 12 years and keeping a fiber herd of alpacas. Horses, sheep and angora rabbits were among earlier livestock kept on her property.